Wednesday, March 4, 2009

runs in the family

today i picked Z up from his after-school-care-place; anxious of how the day went. he said morning school was good, but the afternoon not so much. he told me he called someone "a hole".

i was astounded. shocked.

"what? why would you call someone that? that's just horrible"

i didn't even hear the response. nothing would have been justifiable anyways. then i asked him if an adult was involved? did he get punished?

yes, michael.

good, he was still there so i could talk to him.
we walked up to the front desk & i asked M about it. he said Z had called someone "an [whisper]ASS-[regular volume]hole".

[oh, that's COMPLETELY different]

he said Z acted like he didn't know it was a bad word, so it was explained to him that it was, that it was unacceptable to call people names & unacceptable to use bad words & he was put in time out for awhile.

good i told M & i thanked him for everything & re-affirmed it by telling him to please be sure to put him in time out for any naughty behavior, that he needs to be aware of the implications of not acting right & we left.

& i walked out the door thinking that kid probably was a-hole.
Z just stated a fact.
seriously, if there's one thing this family knows, it's a-holes.

if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck -> it's a duck!

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