Tuesday, March 31, 2009

back to the regular schedule

on fri night one of B's co-workers had a get together. it was just down the street so the 3 of us walked over. B carried a bottle of wine in one hand & a can of beer in the other, classy huh?

when we got there i realized it was a potluck & the 3 of us only brought smiles, good appetites & a single bottle of wine...oh yeah, & that can of beer. i suppose we could have shared that.

i found out, after several people informed me, that indeed we are moving.

it's true the wife always is the last to know...

at least it was about the move & nothing more.

the party was split into to groups, the elders & the younger folk, we were smack dab in the middle. early on we hung out with the older group but as they dwindled out we ended up with the younger group (they were still awake, getting funnier & louder as the alcohol took affect).

i can't believe we've lived here 4 years & we still barely have people we consider friends.

so now the realization has hit me, in order to move, we have to pack all our shit up, that won't be fun. i'm leaving a decent paying job for the unknown. i need to update my resume & start sending it out. i called the golf place to see how things are going there, they're on a hiring freeze & my old boss was part of a recent 70 person layoff.

this is going to be rough, but know it will work out, positive thoughts!


  1. When I saw your status on FB I had to check your blog for the scoop (I know you prefer writing to chatting). ;) This is great, right? Email me!

  2. haha, yes, it's great, just scary too.
    well, it's taken 10 yrs to teach B to not interrupt while i'm on the phone, Z's still in training...


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