Thursday, April 2, 2009

Z singing

geez, i've actually been so busy at work (yes, working...ok, part of it was putting my resume together too) that i haven't had a chance to write anything or read anything & i hardly know who i am anymore.

i had like 6 stories bouncing through my head this morning as i was getting ready for work. [see, this is why i have to write, because if i don't it gets crowded in there.]

alright so it's been awhile since i've noted some Z funnies, here's a few:

* the other day he came home from his after-school care place & he says "momma" & waits to make sure he has my full attn & he belts out "hit me with your best shot" with swinging hips, swaying shoulders & crunched up face - all he was missing was some painted on pants & spike heels a la Pat Benatar.

* in the car on the drive home while we're listening to The Strokes he changed the song lyrics to "why don't come over here? we got a 'momma-cita' to love" - yeah, i'm sure Julian would be down with that version.

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  1. i love the momma-cita! :-) oh and i also love pat is a battlefield!! ha ha ha


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