Friday, April 10, 2009

and cancel Easter

we canceled Easter.
i'll give you one it's a guess, please!

right before i left work on thurs i checked my phone & there was a message on there...from the principal.
because tuesday's events weren't enough...
Z really wanted to sock it to us
& he succeeded.
i tried calling her back, but didn't get an answer.

when B picked up Z & asked how his day went, Z said it was fine.

a little while after B & Z got home, the principal called & told B what happened. Z hit another kid while standing in line & that she kept him up front in the office for the rest of the day.

but get this:
Z had a plan - he wasn't going to tell us. the weekend would be fine, we'd go Easter egg hunting, we'd have some friends over, we'd do the confetti eggs, everybody would have a good time, then on mon we would take him to school & he would jsut hang out in front of the gate & we wouldn't notice & that's where he'd stay all day. everything would be fine & we would never know he was suspended [AGAIN!!!!]

HE'S SIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!

parenting has become the most humbling experience of MY LIFE.

i now realize i very little control i have over this person although he's only a child. i can influence him while in his presence but when i'm not there & he's left to his own devices, nothing we say, do, take away or threaten with has any bearing on his actions.


  1. DUDE! I'm so sorry to read these last two posts. Bummer! I don't even know what to say. . . . it will get better? Hang him by his toenails until it does? I have no suggestions. I need a drink now - and I hope you're having one, too. :)

  2. ay yi yi!

    this too shall pass...blah blah blah. they sound like empty words right now i'm sure.


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