Saturday, April 18, 2009

dirty boy!

i went to get Z out of the tub, he said he was done but the water was crystal clear so i had my doubts.

me - did you shampoo?
Z - yes
me - did you wash yourself?
Z - yes
me - with soap?
Z - yes

i still don't believe him. i shampoo his hair & proceed to wash him & ask again:

me - did you use soap?
Z - yes
me - did you use a wash rag or a sponge?
Z - neither
me - are you sure you used soap? because you need to use soap just sitting in the water isn't going to get you clean.
Z - i know

after he's all cleaned up, out of the shower & drying off the lint from the towel starts to gather on his skin. (we got new brown towels not that long ago & although they've been washed a few times, they're still shedding a lot.) so Z looks himself over & sees brown spots everywhere & says:

"wow, i WAS dirty!"

i told him it was towel lint but i'm not sure he understood.

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