Wednesday, March 4, 2009

more than i thought

evidently i'm a little more uptight than i thought...

the other day Z & I were in the kitchen. i was in the middle of something & he was helping me unload the dishwasher. (i know, how cute is that - i can get the 6 yo to help me in the kitchen but not the husband...sigh.)

he was putting the silverware in the drawer only there weren't any forks in there so he asked me the placement. i told him the order & continued whatever i was doing & thanked him for being considerate enough to ask me about it.

later in the day i opened the drawer to get something & i'm pretty sure i took a step back when i saw what he had done.

everything was where it was supposed to be, only the forks were backwards.

as in prongs of death were facing towards the opener of said drawer.

i had to make a true effort to NOT return the forks to their appropriate position.

they're still like that.
it still bothers me.


  1. it bothers you because having the forks face the wrong direction is just weird!! the universe is now upset!

  2. they were poking out at me, they look menacing like that!


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