Friday, November 21, 2008

Z catch up

it's shortly after 8am but i'm ready for bed. i'm exhausted.
besides all the medical bs, that thankfully is nothing really serious but still, there was/is this old boss stuff to consider (which is a huge emotional draw for me), we also had Z's parent teacher conference & the past 3 days Z has gotten UNhappy faces from school - GASP, i know!

ok, i guess not so much after beings suspended from 1st grade...whatever.
it's those darn girls, they MAKE him chase them. poor, poor Shuppa, HAS to chase those naughty girls. well, at least he's not punching anyone, or should i say he hasn't been caught punching anyone.

so here's the report card summary, to start off with there were no 3s. (3s mean the child excels (97+%) & probably shouldn't even be in that grade, so should it be part of the scale?????? hmm??? sorry, that's just my over-achieving self wanting high marks)

oops he did get one 3 on "returns completed homework" but that's because i'm on his butt to do it & make sure it gets in his backpack thurs pm.

the areas where he got 1s were all writing, punctuation, spelling, comprehension stuff. he also had a little slip on writing by 2s & 10s, but i know he can do that so he probably was having a bad day or something. oh & he also got a 1 on class participation, what can i say, he's mine, we participate by being present.

what more do you want? no, seriously?

we ARE doing you a favor by being quiet.
the forked tongue is a dominant trait so be careful of which you ask.

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