Monday, November 10, 2008

movie news - Madagascar 2 & August Rush

wah wah WAH! - Rachel McAdams & Ryan Gosling (the notebook) are kaput (again)! dang if they aren't the cutest couple ever & if that isn't just the hottest kiss ever!

we went to see Madagascar 2 this weekend. it was alright. i can't get enough of chris rock saying "crack a lackin'"; david schwimmer as a hypochondriac is just perfect & jada, well she will always be "peaches" to me.

we also saw august rush that co-worker let me borrow. it was good. the story was interesting & it involved a lot of music so i was intrigued & well, shall we talk about jonathan rhys meyers? (can we say - dancing, screaming, itching, squealing, fevered, feeling hot, hot, hot? btw, thank you robert smith)

although i've never made an official 'island list', julian casablancas from the strokes would be there & now jonathan is invited. i know, julian isn't the sexiest guy out there, but his voice, well what can i say...

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