Wednesday, November 26, 2008

movie news: twilight

on weds afternoon Z's class went to see a movie & B & I got out of work early so we decided to take advantage of the already paid for babysitter & went to see twilight. i haven't read any of the books, saw the preview sometime ago & for the most part only know what little bits i've read on a few other blogs, so i wasn't too sure about what to expect.

i am a sucker for vampire movies. brahm stoker's dracula with gary oldman & winona rider i liked the idea of a love story that transcends time. anne rice's interview with a vampire with moody tom cruise & emotional brad pitt, who can forget little kristen dunst's "i want more"? so when i saw the preview for twilight, can we go with i was intrigued with the new option?

yes, edward.

when B & I walked into the theater he told me he'd mentioned to a co-worker that we were going to see this movie & the guy said he wouldn't go see it because it was a chic flick. that idea hadn't even crossed my mind (i thought - new vampire movie, i must watch) & for a minute there i was concerned B might not like the movie, but then i remembered sometimes he likes chick flicks more than i do.

i liked the movie. it was more of a chick flick than a vampire movie; there was no gore, but i liked it. B told me although he was the one eating cheeseburgers, i was the one smacking my lips in the movie (& here i thought i had completely maintained my composure...oh well). the kissing scene between edward & bella reminded me of back in the day when kisses were BE ALL END ALL AMAZING.

what i didn't like about the movie, i felt it lacked depth. i realize edward & bella are the main characters, but it still seemed rather shallow. i don't know if that's the case with the book as well, it could be that's how they did the movie to keep within time constraints. i'm considering reading the book just to find out if the book has more details, but am afraid to be disappointed as i've read the book is a quick read.

the other thing i didn't like about the movie is edward's skin is supposed to glisten, shine, look like marble...something along those lines, in the sun. anyhoo, in the movie, they did the most fake cheapass special effects of walmart glitter, didn't work for me.

i'll be buying twilight when it comes out on dvd & edward is now cordially invited to the island...

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