Sunday, November 9, 2008

going to be a rock star

Z was doing a little shake & i asked him if he was dancing he said no, but he was practicing because he might want to be a rock star. so i explained to him that if he was going to be a rock star, that meant he was going to be in a rock band & in order to be in a rock band you had to play an instrument or sing, or both. he said he knew, that he was going to play guitar.

luckily vh1 was showing greatest songs of the 80s, so we had music appreciation evening.
the governator is threatening to cut school funding even more so where else is my kid going to learn about good music? i don't remember learning about the clash at school? & i wasn't introduced to motley crue until i was in 6th grade (& i thought vince was a chick).

oh, & B walked in as the cure came on (just like heaven) & i told him if they are ever in concert again, we are going. this morning he asked "the cure? or the cult?" - either, both!

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  1. the cure has a new album so you just might get that chance. they could also be the decider on where you guys move to...the cure touring schedule! :-)


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