Wednesday, November 26, 2008

just say no

lately Z has been giving out more than his fair share of attitude, so we've had to put him in check often. he's the type of child that is constantly pushing the threshold, always checking the gate, looking for holes in the fence; once he's found a weak link, he'll wear it down & come barreling through & you won't even know what hit you or where you went wrong because it was just a wee little weak spot. harmless right? with some kids yes, with Z NO.

anyhoo, yes, lots of talk lately about attitude & tone & i'm not having it, you're pissing me off, cut it out.

so i'm walking down the hallway & i pass Z & here him say "say no to attitude, say no to attitude" - hahahaha! he made up his own song! & also, that whole say no to drugs thing, yeah, that helped, but right now we're more concerned about the attitude but thanks for the lead in!

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