Friday, November 7, 2008

ball tonight

i wasn't all that excited about tonight's ball, hohum, just another one, our last one. i only have a few friends in bfe & only a couple that are marine corp wives. one moved back to ny some time ago & the only one that's left is 12 months pregnant. ok, she's not an elephant, she's not 12 mos she's almost 35 weeks, but she's carrying twins so you can only imagine how big (& uncomfortable) she is.

i got out of work early for all the girlie preppings (that i'm at a complete loss at how to do so i just wing it & hope for the best). i gave pregnant friend a call & last minute she decided to go tonight. she went to the only maternity shop in town & found a dress that works - yeah! i'm now looking forward to tonight, at least to more than just the cheesecake dessert bar (& so help those people if they don't have one!).

her dr said he'd be surprised if she held them in until monday....maybe we'll have babies tonight - how's that for exciting!

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