Sunday, November 30, 2008

sunday angst

so completed stopped thinking about that whole work thing during the weekend, (YEAH! certainly didn't want to be stressing over should i or shouldn't i) but it's Sun night. catch that? sunday night is the night of angst no matter what; on any old regular week, it's angst over stupid things like i have to get up early tomorrow, i have to go to work all week, silly but still manages to make it difficult for me to fall asleep.

tonight i will have more angst, the possible job offer will definitely be swirling through my head. maybe i'll just take a vicodin...& a couple shots of vodka, that might help.

oh & then there's that whole trip thing - which is a WHOOHOO on one hand, but yet also troublesome. when B was speaking to his mom yesterday she asked if we were already packed!!!!! WTF? seriously, she does NOT know us one bit!

our boat leaves port next Sat but we plan on heading out of town Fri night, so that means we're packing Fri afternoon....while still washing some clothing.

oh yeah & i told B we needed to get all of our online christmas shopping done this weekend. guess how much was accomplished, here i'll save you the trouble, it was a big fat -0-! Everyone, expect a muneca (doll), huaraches (leather sandals), or a mocahete (mortar & pestle) for christmas, there we are done!

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