Thursday, November 6, 2008

drunk stories - phase 2

in case you missed phase 1, it's here. that was hs, let's move on to the next chapter of my life which was sd & tj.
did i just say tj?
yup, i did, i'm going THERE, the initial place. ok, not physically, but we're taking a little voyage in time....

after 1 semester at local community college, i moved to sd to live with my best friends. it wasn't long before we discovered our proximity to tj; more importantly alcohol & all night music & dancing accessible to folks under 21. we would go often. ok, i don't think you are getting that so i'll spell it out for you - sometimes 4 times A WEEK. our money was for tj & burritos at 3am...sometimes 4 or 5am or even 7am.

we had oh so much fun, we always at the very least stayed in pairs, but some of the crazy shit we did & got into, WOW.

we drove our vehicles down there - don't tell me i can't drive, if i can drive in tj, i CAN drive mf'er!
we had our bartenders - yes our, they knew us (ok, it was by our fake tj names, but that's neither here nor there, mine was jennifer). we once went to one of their house's, it was by cemetery & it was kinda scary.
i used to help the dj with his music selection - it was all there, he just needed some assistance in the alternative arena.

a couple of crazy incidences - M & I are kinda pyromanics & we (at least i think it was 'we') accidently (of course) lit an ashtray on fire on our table, it was kinda exciting; we once saw a couple having sex on the dancefloor (no shit, totally going at it!); one of my friends opened the car door to puke not realizing we were flying down the freeway & someone else held her hair to make sure she didn't fall out.

that's all the craziness i can remember at this point in time, but i reserve the right to add a 'phase 2a, 2b' just in case something comes up.


  1. OMG... The cemetary kinda scary.. very scary. drama. I'm not going to mention who the friend was who puked driving down the freeway. Sooo much fun. Dude I'm going to scan the pictures and send them to you. It's of all of us, remember the pics from the table setting, Dude I have about 5 of them. Different crews here and there..... lol...



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