Saturday, November 1, 2008

injun turtle

for halloween Z dressed up as a teenage mutant ninja turtle. i think it's funny that they're back in, that there's a new (relatively) movie out & the cartoon is on sat am's.

this year's costume got a run for it's money. at Z's after-school care place they had dress up day on thurs. i let him take the costume & the mask (but not the turtle shell) & when he came home he had red juice all over the front of it. thankfully it came out rather easily.

yesterday at school's party he made chocolate covered pretzels & replaced the juice spots with chocolate. i didn't think it was wise to attempt to clean that up, i figured it would end up spreading & looking like someone had pooped on him.

the trick or treating was ok last night. it's been an entire year (surprise) since the last one & he totally forgot how things went so at first when someone opened the door he started walking in & handing them his goody bag, like he was saying "i'll wait here while you fill this up." so we had to remind him to say trick or treat!

then he wouldn't say thank much that people giving out the candy would look at us so we would holler "thank you very much & have a nice halloween!" we were waiting for the kid to say it, my goodness it's not like he doesn't get reminded enough about it, you would think he would remember when he was given a handful of candy he would but noooo!

then he forgot to put his bag out for the treats & the people handing out the candy were confused by this. so we had to go through the entire routine a few times with him - ring the doorbell, say "trick or treat" or "happy halloween" when they open the door (not "hi"), then put your bag up, when they start to give you candy say "thank you" you don't say "trickortreat thankyou" when they open the door.

but we survived & he got a bag full of candy. many houses didn't participate & there were hardly any other kids out. B came home early so he could pass out candy & he said we only had ~4 knocks.

our last stop was at the neighbors & i brought home the baby. ok, she's not a baby, she's about 1 1/2, but she hadn't done any trick or treating so i brought her home to give her a few treats. B scared her when he opened the door & yelled "trick or treat" (thinking it was only Z & I). I told him "look what i got for a treat!" hahaha!


  1. I know it. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. My brother was so into them and now he's 30 and the turtles are still around.

    My daughter has my little pony.

    Remember them?

  2. so did your brother dress up as a turtle too? haha!

    yup, saw your daughter, that was a great costume!


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