Friday, November 21, 2008

RIP Uncle M - part II

i was unsure what to do after my Uncle M died. i didn't want to just get flowers, beautiful yes, but short-lived; i wanted something that had more significance, more meaning, more tangible.

in the middle of the night it came to me - the headstone.

i spoke to my aunt a few times nonchalantly asking her about it, not revealing my intention. this was going to be difficult for her, another final step of the grieving process, letting go, full of pain & tears.

i called the frye chapel & asked them how could i go about it, but they said they couldn't take a deposit until she selected a stone. so i asked if i could leave my name & number to call me when she came in & left it at that. i don't like leaving things like that in someone else's hands, i know things fall through the cracks. i left a post-it in on my monitor & looked at it often wondering if i should call back.

yesterday i got a message from the frye chapel that my aunt had been in & made her selection. i called this morning & thanked the woman so much for remembering me & my message & contacting me. my aunt paid most of the fee with cash & left a credit card # for the balance, i gave the woman my info & asked her to use my credit card instead.



  1. that was very sweet of you to do that for your uncle and your aunt.

    (of course just reading the story made me tear up too!)

  2. i'm glad i thought if it & that the lady remembered me, so i could do it.


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