Tuesday, November 25, 2008

bakers we are

my mom & i are the bakers in the family. she does cakes & pies & i do cookies. we used to go all out crazy. i remember one year she made around 8 pies, the required carrot cake & i made about 6 types of cookies. i guess we were trying to make the entire family diabetic. my aunt keeps her house really warm & that year a bunch of the goodies got moldy & had to be thrown out. we never went all out like that again.

i continued making cookies for work on a regular basis though. it was something i enjoyed doing even though i was working day, schooling nights. then one day one of the guys said i made "good dough" because i liked my cookies soft & he liked his crispy & he went so far as to put a few in the toaster oven to cook them further. to that i said f-you & never made cookies for them again, not even for holidays.

i just started baking again over the past couple of years. i'm really out of sync, forgotten most of my tricks, so things are hit & miss. i mean it's hard to screw up a cookie, so they aren't bad, they just aren't what they used to be.

with that being said, i woke up sunday morning & realized it was the weekend before thanksgiving & i hadn't planned any holiday desserts. oopsie, i guess cookie trays aren't happening this year. i did manage to make a batch of oatmeal with chocolate chip cookies though, that's a start. so here's the list what i plan on making next: regular choc. chip cookies with pecans, peanut butter cookies, fudge & i'm going to go crazy & try making a pumpkin pie with crust from scratch!

i called mom & got her recipe for the crust, which is basically like this nifty one M found for me (THANKS), just mom adds a bit of sugar to it; & she also gave me some tips on her pumkin stuff. we'll see how this goes.

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