Thursday, November 6, 2008

oopsie - 2a

i forgot, no really i did, it wasn't on purpose that i left out - tj boyfriend.

no, not Chris (i'm ok with saying his name because i haven't been in contact with him since then). ok the the story on Chris - 2nd guy i slept with, cute, blonded, blue-eyed, white boy that could dance. the first, maybe 2nd time we had sex, he let out the HUGEST fart i had ever heard in my life (at least at that point, i am married to B & things have changed).

tj boyfriend who's name eludes me at this time but i'm sure someone (hello, M? yeah, i KNOW you know!) will help me out here....anywho, yes, i had a tj boyfriend. the language barrier was there, although i'm part hispanic & took spanish in hs my abilities have never been what i would like them to be (i'm talking spanish speaking people, keep on track, get your mind out of wherever you wondered off to!) & he only spoke spanish. we kissed, hung out & drank some together; he was a really nice boy. he was the only guy i ever cheated on & i broke up with him immediately & felt really bad about what i did.

i regret the fact that i cheated on someone but at the same time will never regret the path i chose. that's all i can say about that!


  1. oh sh!t! what was his name! thanks, now it's gonna bug me until i remember!!

    this isn't a tj story but remember that one guy (maybe it was chris) and the first night he slept over at the 36th st apt his truck was stolen! ha ha welcome to the hood bitches!!


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