Thursday, November 20, 2008

meeting with old boss

the dentist discovered i had not just a cracked filling but a cracked i guess i truly am cracked. anyhoo, yeah got that fixed then headed over to meet boss after a few rounds of numbing agent, so yes i was drooling & spitting as i spoke!

he told me a little background about how things went down after my friend left, about how the new chick didn't work out & why they thought i would. he couldn't tell me specifics of the job beings he doesn't know them, but could tell me the job would be supervised by corp (not him), that some travel to sd would be expected (quite a bit initially for training, then monthly or so thereafter).

one concern is that they want someone long term, as in 3 to 5 years. i'm ok with it here in bfe, but down in sd that's too far of a drive. i'm not willing to do a 2 hour commute (one way) on a daily basis for any amount of pay. i asked if beings i would be doing the job from here not sd, if it was considered remote & he said it was, but didn't make the connection i was getting at - can i do it from home in sd?

of course he tried to lowball the pay, that was expected; then he said he didn't really know & couldn't say beings it was a corporate position. i told him i had looked up payscales online & gave him a bottom line. so then he bumped the amount up a couple of $$ & said "that would be more than what you're making now...right?" it is but i lied & said no.

in one way that was really difficult for me, i hate to lie (here it goes, yup, my justification for it) but in another way, old boss will never be forgiven for being such a cheapskate tightwad *&(*&*(&*&!!! he even told me he knew i left over money.

then i asked how things were going with my replacement as far as her office (MS) skills. he said she was coming along but could use some additional coaching. i explained to him that if i came back i wouldn't have a problem with that, but i wanted to be sure that his work went directly to her first. i want her to have a chance first to figure it out, to try things, that i don't want everything coming directly to me because i can do it faster.

so the sector manager is going to call me next, we have quite a few things to discuss.

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