Tuesday, November 11, 2008

icky but funny

i was hoping yesterday's events wouldn't unfold in a blog-worthy manner, however it was quite funny & after all one of the main reasons i started this blog is my horrible memory & i needed somewhere to document everything. with that being said, carry on if you dare...

yesterday when i got up to leave work for lunch i noticed i felt a bit weird. when i got home i went to the bathroom & noticed not only were my panties wet but even my pants were a bit damp (but not in the sexy kind of way). needless to say i was alarmed, i hadn't felt anything escaping from anywhere, this has never happened before & i didn't know the the 'f' was going on. i asked B to check to make sure i wasn't just imagining it, he confirmed. then we discussed was it from the front or the back? well it couldn't be the back, you mean the middle? i don't know!

i went back to work & shortly thereafter they let us out early for the impending holiday & i decided to go by medical to talk to my dr. i was at a complete loss at what was going on & didn't know what to look up on the internet so i was hoping a discussion with her would give me some clues. as i drove there i pondered the possibility of her not being there, then what? i mean, i'm sure the person at the desk will ask me what's wrong & if i would like to speak to someone else? how do i answer that? do i just tell them i wet my pants? i think, but i'm not sure?

i get there & still unsure the heck i'm going to do if my dr isn't there & go up to the desk & realize there was another uncomfortable factor i hadn't considered. um, yeah, the guy at the desk whom i have to get past to see my dr, who was young, tall, handsome. ok, strikingly handsome & what he didn't have in dark he more than made up for in hair, face, eyes & voice....& here i am with my wet pants (but not in the sexy kind of way) story.

he tells me my dr is in & to write down what i need to discuss with her. thankful for that prepping in the car i wrote down the ambiguous yet gives enough info to ward of any further questions "female issues", then added "possible bladder infection"; he told me to come back for an appt at 3 after speaking with her.

i return at 3 & handsome calls me back for the specs (height, weight, temp, blood pressure), in the process i notice the name tag on his shirt "Long" - seriously! he tells me my bp is elevated (i'm sure it happens with many females in his presence as well as some males).

shortly thereafter i go in to see the dr. initially she thought it was just ovulation, but i told her i didn't think it was that, i've felt that & even an egg drop, that was not what was going on here. then she felt my abdominal area & just the pressure of the stethescope on my lower left pelvic area was uncomfortable so she ordered a urinalysis. the lab guy assumed it was a pregnancy test (why does everyone think i'm pregnant?) the results came back negative but she decided with the sensitivity & how many times i had gone to the bathroom that day to prescribe some antibotics, so we'll see how things go.


  1. choney wetter! lol poor thing. i hope the antibiotics take care of it. only you and b would have a discussion of wetness and where it's coming from!! :-)

  2. yeah, nothing can get him out of his chair quicker than "hey come feel this & tell me if it's wet"


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