Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving 2007

yeah, i'm a little late on this post...sue me. i needed some time, then i forgot about it, so here's what i can remember of it now:

we drove out to LV visited with fam there for about an hour. we got a late start as B was really sick & needed to sleep in. after 3/4's of the drive there completed, B realized how drugged up & sleepy he was so he pulled over & i drove the rest of the way. oh & we stopped somewhere & the middle of death valley & bought B 2 packages of the oldest gum on earth.

on the plane descent in chicago he broke out in a cold sweat from the pain in his ears. B's mom picked us up at the airport, it was the middle of the night & it was raining - awesome! we mostly hung out at her house beings B was sick. we went to Uncle R (his not mine who's desceased, duh) & Aunt P's house for thanksgiving dinner, lots of family & food.

Z fell in love with a young female cousin (by marriage) & that's where things went bad. this was the first time Z was exerting his independence & he was an absolute little shit to me. when we were around other people he was horrible, but when it was just us, he was sweet to me again.

B's grandma also turned 90 when we were there & we had another family gathering. i didn't know it was her birthday; but B's mom had a gift for us to give her, which was really nice yet at the same time i felt like i was 12 (that's my problem though, i know her heart was in the right place). again Z acted up, it was very strange. he went so far as to say i was teaching him to be bad & Poppa was teaching him to be good - it was infuriating.

B's mom wanted to take us out to parade one night but we didn't want to go. partially because B was sick, partially because we have become the biggest homebodies who have a really hard time leaving a sofa & partially because it's really fricken cold in chicago, especially at night! as any parent should, we used Z as an excuse & said he couldn't handle the cold & he would make our lives miserable in 10 minutes (which is more than likely true).

the flight home, short fam visit in LV & drive home were uneventful as far as i can remember. but i can say not that long ago Z said something about the sausage we had when we visited grandma & i just kinda went along with hey, we were in chicago, i'm sure sausage was eaten at some point right? then he says "on the plane", wow, good memory kid!

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