Wednesday, November 19, 2008


last night i spoke with my old co-worker & got a little info, then discussed things with B. this is big, there's lots of potential for things to be really good or really bad. B suggested i write it all down. duh, i'm the writer & i didn't think of that instead i was blabbering on & on about things.

this morning i decided i would make my list of concerns about the new position....& i forgot pretty much everything i said last night. crap! i had the list going all day long & only have like 5 items. i also reviewed all my old blog posts to see if i could find anything really bad, but i never went into detail about anything. but i did discover i never made the post about last thanksgiving - talk about being on top of things, oops!

then my other co-worker friend called (oh yes she did! - yeah!). SHE was helpful. she definitely thinks i can do the job. she even suggested that if i can do it from here, i might as well try to do it from home! mainly so i wouldn't have to see boss everyday! she agreed the biggest obstacle is old boss...can i handle him?

rules, we're gonna have to have some rules around here!

i'm so glad she called, i missed talking to her. we also got to catch up on a few things. so tomorrow i have work, leave early for a dental appt, then go met old boss while i'm drugged up still. i need to make more progress on my list though. i wish B would have said something sooner!


  1. i have one word to add to your list...EASY BUTTON! lol

  2. ow, yeah, that did suck!
    maybe i'll give it back to him this year - how about that?


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