Tuesday, November 25, 2008

feeling coyote ugly

i got an email on monday morning from old boss, higher up & i will talk sometime next week. i haven't heard from higher up yet, good. i haven't contacted him either.

i hear "the devil went down to georgia" in the back of my head these days.

i'm still quite unsure of what to do. it's a great opportunity for me, but old boss, ICK. i finally made the correlation the other day, he's like a slumlord but instead of properties, he does jobs; he finds people in need & takes advantage of their situation.
even if he wouldn't be my boss, i would be witness to his actions & that would repulse me enough.

when i spoke with him the other day & he was referring to my friend who previously held the position he said "in her little asian mind" - it burned me to the core. even if she wasn't my friend, UGH!!!!! my mom keeps telling me small town, small mind, but it's just not an excuse! he forgets how often that "little asian mind" has saved his ass!

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  1. ughhh. i'm not sure it will be worth it.

    and seriously? little asian mind? i hate that!


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