Saturday, November 22, 2008


i finally started feeling better about 6pm yesterday. i think i may have had a slight reaction to the numbing stuff from the dental work or a major reaction to talking with old boss.

can one really be allergic to assholes?
possibly...& if that's the case, working near him would probably not be a good idea.

i didn't receive a phone call from the next higher up to discuss things & i was much pleased about that. i was not in a state to take on such things, no self control, more than likely would have revealed many things about old boss to his boss that would have not been a good idea.

i'm pretty sure the talk with old boss did not go the way he planned. i think he was expecting me to jump at any opportunity he presented. he absolutely has no concept of how unhappy i was there....& the poor pay was just a fraction of it.

when i left the soils place i remember OC-D saying i just had a low tolerance for assholes. it's such a shame that i can't put that on my resume....


  1. i don't think a low tolerance for assholes in an assest at most companies! ha ha ha they are EVERYWHERE!

  2. you're right, probably not an asset; but would at least let people have an idea i wouldn't put up with their stupid crap!


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