Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

funny, seems like we were talking about last year's thanksgiving just the other day...oh yeah, we did....

the plan was to go over to a friend's house so the kiddley-dinks could play & we could eat....a lot. we had our list of stuff to prepare & before we knew the morning had escaped us, we were in rush mode, then we got a phone call that their power had gone out! had been out for 1/2 an hour! geez, we thought this kinda crap only happened to us? it worked out though, just bought everyone a little extra time, our schedule was pushed back about an hour.

we had appetizers galore. my spinach artichoke dip was ok (i used the one from staceys pita chips), next time i'll either try the non-vinegar artichokes, or maybe i'll look for the claim jumper recipe because that's THE BEST. they made the turkey, it was falling off the bone (not complaining, it was yummy). B made his fantastic stuffing, then lots of sides, salads & all kinds of good stuff!

i also made chocolate chip cookies, a 2nd round of oatmeal cookies, this time with peanut butter chips & some fudge (which is a story in itself, but trust me, just go to the eagle brand website, theirs' is great & easy).
i suppose you are wondering about the pumpkin pie....crust & i are not friends, it was a fricken beast, i have a new found respect for my mother. she does have superpowers & they are all used for crust making. i followed her recipe for the crust & the pumpkin, it was ok, maybe even good, but it wasn't my mom's...she's holding out on me, i know it.

it was a good day spent with friends, can't ask for more than that right?

i have many things to be thankful for, i am blessed.
Happy Thanksgiving Allbuddies! (that's Z-speak for everybody)

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