Monday, November 17, 2008

painting hell

on friday while Z was at school we cleaned out the garage, not because it was dirty or anything (although it was) but because we needed the space. we bought the paint for the computer room probably 6 months ago but have managed to procrastinate putting it on the walls this long. see in order to paint the computer room we had to move everything out of there & we had to have somewhere to put it all (other than the front yard, yes we live in ghetto house but i don't really want to prove it to everyone driving by).

last weekend we painted the hallway, nothing special a shade of white but it's probably the cleanest those walls have been...EVER! i also painted the baseboards & doorframes; once i get a paintbrush in my hand i don't stop painting until my hand cramps from holding it.

we finally got the room emptied & painted but it was getting dark so when we looked at it sun am we saw all the spots we missed. even with the spotty coverage the room looked SO much better than the crappy orange we put on there when we first moved in. it was supposed to be something on the order of peaches & cream but ended up being electrifying orange that could blind someone not wearing appropriate protective eyewear. it took me a long time to convince B that yes, it really was THAT ugly. it's now a medium shade of brown that almost looks like suede & makes you kinda want to rub yourself on the walls just to check if it's soft like that.

i also painted the baseboards in there & now we have to paint the bookshelf, nightstand & re-do the desk - fun, fun. guess what we're doing next weekend & any moment there's a spark of energy during the week?

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