Tuesday, November 4, 2008

last boarding call for the holiday rollercoaster

ok, so it started back in august. yes, i know most parents are thrilled when their kids start back in school; which to some degree we were but it wasn't a huge change in Z's schedule, other than the homework that kills us just a little tiny bit every single night. (oh, & he is doing better at his reading - YEAH!!!)

then there was labor day, that's all good, a couple of birthdays, & halloween just past yeah, today is election day whoohoo. now we begin the big steep climb into holiday season.
& i'd like to point out those lousy, money hungry grubbers at walmart for having christmas shit out BEFORE halloween people, please, i have enough pressure!

to complicate matters exponentially B & I just scheduled a little holiday trip down to mexico in between thanksgiving & christmas. stupid, i know. gluttons for punishment, yes, we are. no, i'm not being negative, i am the anti-cheerleader it's my responsibility to point these things out.

so yup, 2nd week in Dec were cruising it to baja. this took a lot of effort on my part to get B to realize a cruise was much different than being "on boat" military style sleeping in racks & all, people wouldn't pay for that shit. i have to make a dr appt so i can get some good no-puke medicine, just in case; certainly don't want to pay all that cash to be on a boat sick & missing all the good food.

then after christmas it's my mom's b-day, then it's our anniversary, then it's valentine's, then it's B's birthday & i can rest for minute.

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