Monday, November 17, 2008

movie news - Get Smart

i never watched the old tv series, at young age i couldn't stand maxwell smart, he just pissed me off & was annoying. my co-worker let me borrow her copy of Get Smart otherwise i'm sure i wouldn't have never bothered with it. steve carrell did a great job in 40 year old virgin, so i was willing to see the new & improved maxwell smart...for free.

i enjoyed it. anne hathaway was beautiful as always & the rock was good in his part. (sorry, but in my world he will always be that & i don't watch wrestling.) anyhoo, it would be worth the rental price, had a few good laughs. definitely have seen worse.

oh, & we re-watched august rush, B wanted to see it again & i certainly wasn't going to put up a fight to watch jrm again (twist my arm).

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