Saturday, November 8, 2008

mc ball 2009

the ball was fun, not exceptionally, but we'ven learned to go in with low expectations & that way end up having a better time. C (pregnant friend) wow, was totally pregnant. i remember people telling me i looked like i had swallowed a watermelon whole, yup, she looked like that too. as far as i know, she hasn't delivered though.

last year at the ball they had shrimp for an appetizer, so you can only guess at how surprised i was when i thought i was biting into a jalepeno popper only to discover it was a mini-corndog! um, yeah, that almost $100 we spent on dinner & i'm eating a corndog? yes, please, i DO need another jello-shooter after that! & there was no cheesecake dessert bar either, where did they spend that $$, i have yet to determine.

the dress was beautiful. the shoes, nice to look at but evidently they were purchased out of the S&M section of Penny's that i didn't even know existed. i almost purchased a different pair of heels but they were probably 4" & i was afraid i wouldn't be able to carry them off so i went with shorter heels that had a bed of tacks - much better. B looked great in his uniform with all the shiny medals making noise with every step he took.

one the music started B was ready to head home though. i told him we had to stick around for at least a couple of songs, but we were home shortly after 11. Little one was still up, running around, eating candy, not even in his jammies. so i told him to finish what he had, brush his teeth & change. i went in after him & found chocolate on his toothbrush, sign of good night. i read to him & although he appeared quite alert (from the sugar rush no doubt), i laid next to him, put our cheeks together, sang "momma loves her baby" & caressed his other cheek, he was out within seconds.

the next morning he told me he dreamt about rats biting him.

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