Friday, October 31, 2008

halloween - day

this morning we dropped Z off at school, then went out for coffee & a little breakfast. it was raining, whoohoo! Z's teacher asked us to gather leaves for a project for today's party. so after our breakfast we went out to the college & collected leaves in the rain.

before we knew it, it was time to head back to school for the party. the leaf project thingie (lay a leaf down, place a piece of paper over it, rub w/crayon flat to make an imprint) was a hit, some of them came out really neat. after the party was the parade which was complete chaos, like disneyland on a smaller scale.

then Z & I walked home & he was a little shit so i threatened him that if he kept on giving me 'tude he was spending halloween night in his room. he couldn't find his straw with pumpkins on it that when you blow on it sounds like sirens so he cried, whined & told me i couldn't eat any of his chocolate - out of nowhere. so i told him if that was the case, he wouldn't be allowed to eat ANY of his halloween candy & don't ya know he realized he needed to apologize.

when we got home we carved our pumpkins, sad to say but we did not find a single golden seed in the bunch. i want my $22 back. the grim reaper & oogie woogie came out pretty good though.

oh & as for our other projects, i only made 1 tree out of a paper bag, but it's nice. the salt dough ghosts were worthless, 2 survived out of the 4 we attempted.


  1. well if you make one tree a year you will have a forest by the time z is done with the whole halloween thing! lol

  2. yeah, i could plan to make one a month...that wouldn't be too taxing, then we'd be set for next year. but you know i'm SO busy, holding down the sofa & all that i don't know if i can obligate myself to such a demanding schedule...maybe i can make them at work.


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