Friday, October 10, 2008

my little emo

B's been on travel this week so that means i've had to take Z to school in the morning...& be late to work with a completely valid excuse! more importantly, i also got to sleep in an extra HOUR every day!

the other morning when the alarm went off & i was still somewhat asleep the radio was talking about how it was REALLY cooling off & i thought, excellent i can wear a long sleeve shirt today (it is october, right?). then they said the high was going to be around 88...
although i've lived in CA my entire life & countless people (including B) have told me CA doesn't have seasons, i'm used to, want, like, more seasonal change than this!

oh, back to our regularly scheduled post...this morning when Z was getting dressed, he puts on his black "jack the pumpkin shing" (nightmare before christmas) shirt. our household loves jack, we were introduced to it by OC-D. the 1st time i watched it i didn't like it much, but danny elfman's talent is undeniable.
then Z tells me he's going to wear his black pants too. in a way, i'm proud of my little emo, starting the black phase so early in life, but realize it's a bit much & tell him he can't dress in all black (at least not until we get him the right boots, little trench, dye his hair black - kidding!). we've had this discussion about being too matchy, matchy.

oh & that shirt has the words "i'm your worst nightmare" on it & that's the shirt he chose to wear his first day back after being suspended...

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