Wednesday, October 15, 2008

a totally awesome movie find!!!

take your ass to costco NOW!
the other day when we were down in the city, we stopped by costco to pick up salad & pizza for dinner at mom's & decided to peruse the movie section.
can you say trouble?

so my first find...are you ready??

uncle buck, YEAH BABY! i'm not a john candy fan, but i adore this movie & was so happy when i found it. the bad thing, it was packaged with a burt reynolds movie which made it REALLY difficult to pay for. i don't want to be associated with any part of a BR movie, but B told me after we paid it i could take off the packaging & give them the BR movie back, so that made me feel better. then i decided it was only $9 for both movies, i don't know that i could find UB alone for less than that & it wasn't a chance i was willing to take.

B found the Christmas classics Frosty the Snowman & Rudolf the Rednose Reindeer & we thought that would be just perfect for Christmas day.

then the holy grail of 80's movies....

are you on the edge of your seat?

well are you?

a box set including: Breakfast Club, Weird Science & 16 Candles.

i'll give you a minute to take all that awesomeness in...because really, i needed a few minutes to get my breathing back to normal too.

are you ok now?

so, um, yeah, we got that one too. like i wouldn't kick someone's ass right there in costco if it was the last one....
on the drive home B asked me if he could wrap it up as a christmas gift for me. i said sure, but i might open it before christmas.

oh, i don't even think i told you about him getting me a copy of nightmare before christmas on blue ray....get that? we don't have a blue ray player! he can be a really mean man when he wants to be.


  1. omg! that is the find of the century. if only they had added pretty in pink then it would have been perfect! just perfect! :-)

    as for wrapping it as a gift...take the movies out and give him back the cases to wrap! lol

  2. hahaha, i know, i was deliriously happy with my find, smiling ear to ear.

    good idea, i'll just give him the metal box they came in to wrap up.

  3. OMG!!! Uncle Buck is my faaaaavorite!

    "Take this quarter, go downtown, and have a rat gnaw that thing off your face! Good day to you, madam."

    Ha, ha, ha, ha!!!

  4. yes, definitely a classic that i HAD to have!


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