Wednesday, October 8, 2008

sweet lil Z

on monday night when i was putting Z to bed he told me the treat box at school has rings in it & he wanted to get one for me. we pinky promised on all fingers that he would get a ring for me when he was up for a treat.

i thought it was sweet, but didn't really expect him to follow through. i mean it takes some work for the kid to be good, a while to be good enough to get a treat. so after all that work i feel he really deserves the treat; i certainly didn't think when the time came around & he was standing in front of the glorious box of goodies he would remember "oh yeah, i promised momma that ring". i thought for sure it would be i want that green snake or the plastic lizard, etc.

but yesterday afternoon when i picked him up, he had the ring for me. he even kept it in his pocket so it wouldn't get lost. is that the sweetest thing you ever heard or what?

he picked out one with the big stone, it's about 1 inch circumference yellow "diamond" although he says it's green (he knows green is my fav color).
when we got home he took it off my finger & put it in one of my jewelry boxes & told me i could only wear it on special occasions...& don't ya know, this morning just happened to be one!


  1. awwww. so sweet. :-) makes all the hard times kind of just melt away doesn't it?

  2. yeah, it really surprised me with how tough things have been over the past couple of weeks (suspension, grounding & reading) that he would even think about being so nice much less follow through with it....little charmer!


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