Thursday, October 30, 2008

pumpkin time

i got reamed last night at the church pumpkin patch.

i didn't want to get pumpkins for our jack-o-lanterns early beings it's been so hot, so we went last night. Z & I went to the church pumpkin patch. i anticipated paying a bit more, church & all, but OH MY!

i didn't see any signs out for pricing & i guess i should have just asked beforehand, but i didn't. so Z & I walk around find a pumpkin & we take it up front & then go search for the 2nd one. we found another good sized one with a funky stem on it & go to check out.

guess how much our pumpkins were?


a piece!!!!!!!!!!!

YES, i paid $22 for 2 flipping pumpkins. the church is just BAD, BAD, BAD for doing such things. who's going to hell i ask?

tonight we will cut into them, i'm hoping they contain seeds of gold that i can plant next year & grow golden pumpkins.

B's doing a grim reaper face on his & i haven't completely decided upon my project; it's either going to be jack the pumpkin king or oogie woogie from nmbc.


  1. i love jack but oogie woogie is a good one!

    4 bucks at walmart, baby! lol but your $22 is helping people go to heaven. ha ha ha

  2. ok, wait a minute, i'm helping people go to heaven? i thought i was buying my pass....crap!


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