Friday, October 17, 2008

add video

this morning i took Z to school then went in to talk with the principal. as i waited for him i spoke with the school counselor. he told me Z had changed...for the better; that he was a completely different person, friendly, happy & outgoing.

then i went in to talk with the principal. i told him we had met with an outside counselor, that we were going in the afternoon to watch a video on add to see if that was a possibility, but the real reason i was there was that the counselor agreed that Z would do better in a class with more structure. Z has issues with control, if the teacher can't control the kids Z feels it's his responsibility to kick ass & maintain order among the ranks. he also needs a lot of attn, to keep him focused, if other kids are messing around he wants to go get in the middle of it too.

the principal asked if i had spoken with teacher yet (i had not & explained this was my 1st opportunity to come to school). so then he says "well let's set up a meeting then & get everyone together" right then & there. (wow, receptive? oh, & he turned down the class switch thing saying there weren't any spots available) so the school counselor comes in, the teacher comes in & we all sit down & i'm on the spot (certainly NOT my favorite place to be), but this is for Z so i ramble my little head off like nobody's business.

the teacher & school counselor said they had seen a marked improvement in Z in the past few weeks. the teacher defended herself a bit about how she does have a schedule because she didn't get that i meant 'control of the class' when i said "structure". anyways, we were all pleased Z is going in the right direction & will meet again in 2 weeks. afterwards the front desk lady told me the principal told her to let him know if a spot opened in another class for Z, so he is taking it into consideration.

then in the afternoon B & I went to watch the add video. do i think Z has add? yes. i also think i have it, B has it, many people in my family have it & some of Z's classmates have it...GEEZ! this doesn't really do the video justice, but it's a link to the different types of add.

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