Wednesday, October 29, 2008

are you ready for this?

no, trust me, you couldn't be! hahaha!

we had was started out as a perfectly innocent trip to the mall & stumble across a cost plus. i've loved this store ever since i was a kid & my mom would take me shopping in fresno for school clothes, everything was so exotic.

B & Z had already pissed me off so i told them the rule was - they had to leave me alone from the moment we entered the store, it's tough having 2 kids, one in the body of a 37 year old man. once i was done with my own peaceful browsing i decided it was time to go in search of the fam. i found them in the grocery section of the store.

& then B found this, see i have to put the link in there because if i simply told you what it was, you wouldn't believe there was such a thing (i know i wouldn't). unfortunately cost plus doesn't have their food options on line so i had to find it somewhere else & it's in different packaging....but that doesn't change what it is....yup, spotted dick pudding.

of course we bought a can, someone will be getting this as a gag gift. we don't know who or when, but that opportunity could simply not be passed up.

oh & i really do hope you clicked that link & read the description as it says & i quote "best served hot with custard"....geez, these people never stop!

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