Sunday, October 5, 2008

back to school

i thought it was worth my while to go spend some time in Z's class, observe how things go & all. so i took him to school on fri & sat in class for 1/2 hour. i helped him on his 1st page of work, stood & recited the pledge of allegiance (wow, i still remember it!), then continued arguing about the order of doing the work because he wanted to color first. he even had to go confirm with his teacher, that yes, work first, color last. stubborn as all hell i tell you!

then i left for an appt & was back shortly after 10 for reading. when i arrived there were already 4 other parents in class (either everone has a lot of free time on their hands or this teacher has many concerned parents!). the teacher sat in the back of the room with her alternating reading group while the parents took over sections of the class.
the teacher seemed to manage her reading group ok, but i'm wondering what she does on a regular day when she doesn't have 5 helpers watching over the rest of the chaotic class...

after reading it was lunch time & i followed Z into the cafeteria. i'm surprised he likes eating there; i never did, i always thought the food was gross, it smelled bad. i always brought my lunch, a pb&j. i should be diabetic with all the pb&j's i ate over the years. oh, i did eat in the cafeteria in hs, but only when they served bean burritos because they made some kickass hot sauce!

Z hardly ate his hamburger & fries, just the fruit cup was gone; then he headed out for recess. now we know the truth (1st handed) when he complains about not having enough time to eat his lunch. i watched him play & took him to the office for clean up when he fell & scraped his elbow. shortly thereafter the bell rang for class & my time was up, i had enough of school.

as i put Z to bed he asked me to stay at school with him tomorrow, it makes me happy he likes me there.

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