Wednesday, October 22, 2008

is it hot or is it just me?

the other day when i was driving home from work i felt hot although i knew it wasn't really THAT hot. i look at my temp gauge & it says 83. really, 83 is super cool in the desert, but yeah, i'm hot.

so then i look at the fan temp, it's all the way to blue, no red so the air coming in isn't heated. but dang, if i'm not super hot.

look back at the temp gauge, maybe it changed to like 120 in the 20 seconds that passed but no, still 83.

wtf? why am i so fricken hot?

by the time i'm almost home i look down & discover i had turned the seat warmer on that morning & forgot to turn it off so i was being cooked 'a la vw'.

stupid car, the seat warmer shouldn't work unless it's under 60 degrees out!

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