Monday, October 27, 2008

jaunt to LA

a couple of weeks ago when we were down at mom's i found my dress for the ball, but i needed shoes, so we headed down to LA on sat. B & Z both found something before i found my shoes (hello, this trip was all about me wasn't it? i guess not), but i found them.

the dress is a dark olive green with a gold shimmer to it, spaghetti straps, a little beading across the front & floor length. i was a bit puzzled about the shoes as gold would have been to flashy, black just didn't do it, so i settled on ivory. the lady who's altering the dress for me thought the length was good, as i was thinking it needed to be shortened, so i think only my toes will be visible anyways. we'll see later today when i go back to try the dress on with the alterations made.

anyways, yeah, so we did the shopping thing & decided what the heck why not stay the night? i think Z is a little more into hotels than your average 6 yr old as during the shopping he asked at least 5 times "are we getting a hotel?" when i asked why was he so hell-bent on the hotel (no, i didn't use the exact phrase w/him) he said he didn't want to drive home - like he has any concerns about the drive. so we stayed & i have to tell you, LA was hot, hotter than the desert & that's just wrong!

we went to bed shortly after 10 as we were all exhausted. i couldn't sleep, i tossed & turned passed 11:30 then finally at some point fell asleep only to be awakened shortly after 12:30 to a f-ing FIRE ALARM! i kid you not! it took us forever to get our shit together & become coherent & clothed (Z didn't even make it out of bed); finally by the time we opened the door people were already RETURNING to their rooms. somebody had burned their coffee pot so badly it set off the fire alarm. then about 1/2 later the alarm went off again (fire dept resetting the alarm), then 15 min later one more time for good measure.

i believe that's the closest i've ever come to being in a real fire, it was scary to go through the thought process of what is here that i can not replace? i realized most of all - B & Z of course, but my purse, ring, glasses & keys...& B needs to sleep with something on so it doesn't take so long for him to get dressed!

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