Thursday, October 23, 2008

1st day round 2

Z is so like me, surprises are not tolerated. we know this & although B thinks a lot of prep i do for the kid is uncalled for, seriously it helps in the long run. so last night when i put him to bed i told him he was going to the new class in the morning. that it wasn't a punishment we were trying a new class in hopes that he could learn better there.

this morning i met "new teach" we chatted about 10 min & i gave her a run down of everything (well all that i could in 10 min). she said she's been a teacher for over 24 years & that she had seen it all & that we would get through this. it was nice for her to be so comforting to me. i already like her for that & the fact that she greeted each child as they walked in the door & gave them a little hug. i drove to work knowing we had made the right decision & felt good about it. (finally, good, yeh!)

when i picked Z up he had a happy face for the day & he said he liked his new class. what more could one ask for?

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