Thursday, October 2, 2008

one step closer

whoohoo - retirement package approved baby!
if all hell breaks loose the longest they can keep B in is Dec 2009, but the paperwork has Sept 2009 as an exit date - SAH-WEET!!!

& although this may make us sound a little dumb, B & I just realized first when we moved here, we KNEW once he was out we were so out of this town, but then we realized we were being hasty. we don't like it here, no doubt about that.

HOWEVER, there is a real possiblity that he could get job here that would make it worth our while for us to stay; but it would have to be something REALLY, REALLY good to compensate us for the strain on our mental health & fund all the necessary outings to cope with living in BFE. (option 1, in random order as they fall out of my brain)

we still have the house in SD, we can kick the renters out, live there & both find new jobs or B may go back to school. (option 2)

holy cow, we're like 18 all over again & go ANYWHERE!!! (option 3)
& THAT was kinda dumbfounding. at first we thought oh, maybe try NoCal, then hey how about something like oregon or seattle? then i went crazy & decided to start looking at places in sicily....why not?


  1. i vote...oregon or seattle! only because i would LOVE to visit those 2 places.


  2. so if we moved to italy you wouldn't come visit?


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