Tuesday, October 21, 2008

the story about my mother, her dogs & chicken

so i had a tirade the other night when i walked into the dining room & found Z throwing his dinner on the floor to feed Lady. although we've had many a talk about not feeding her from the table, any food given to her goes into her bowl (not on the dingy, spotted carpet) & that table scraps aren't really the best thing for her to eat. he didn't know that i've got an argument from 20 years ago behind me, so when i stumbled upon the situation i couldn't stop my mouth from all the crap the fell out of it.

so here's the story:
one night my mom & i were having dinner (i was probably in my early teen years), just the 2 of us & her 3 dogs. my parents separated when i was 5, i have no siblings, my parents never remarried or had other children so i don't have any steps or halves, just me, i'm the only person that carries their combined dna.

anyways, yes, dinner, mom, me, dogs that she loves like children. as we ate our chicken & whatever else it was for dinner, she would give the begging mass of hair with mouths a bite of chicken. then when silly, hungry (& obviously completely stupid) me wanted to EAT MY dinner all hell broke loose because i refused to share....my chicken...that i wanted to eat....with the dogs.

i remember her saying she was completely appalled at how selfish i was because i didn't want to share my food with the dogs (never mind the f-ing bowl of dog food that's always there & full, that had absolutely nothing to do with it!).

so yeah, i have a thing about feeding dogs people food. call me a weirdo, but i think the people should get dibs.

& in case you're wondering, my mom still has dogs & now she buys them their own chicken. I'M NOT KIDDING - whenever you go to her house there is a tray a baked chicken breasts in the fridge for her dogs. they eat better (& healthier) than a lot of people


  1. she feeds them the good pieces too? oh my! lol

  2. yeah, it's not leftover giblets or anything like that.
    chicken breasts, lightly seasoned, baked to perfection, then shredded right before lunchtime with her delicate little hands.


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