Thursday, October 16, 2008

Z updates

last week when B was leaving for his trip was the 1st time Z cried about the separation. typically it's "bye, bring me a toy" but this time was different, full fledged crocodile tears for his Poppa & "i'm going to miss you". FINALLY, they have bonded.
yeah, i was a blubbering mess too, my period & aching neck certainly did not put me in a good place to start out with so Z's tears just pushed me over the edge.

in other news, the counseling session was ok. B & I go tomorrow to watch a video on adhd, to see if that could be a possibility. however, she said it sounds like he's just a born leader & prone to questioning authority - so we're hosed for life.
i knew i was screwed when he was 1 month old & he refused to take a bottle. i should have stared taking him to counseling right then & there!

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