Thursday, October 16, 2008

drunk stories - phase 1

about a week ago i stumbled across a few good blogs & added to the list over to the right. please check them out, if i think they are funny, trust me, it's worth the time you are wasting anyways to stop on by & get a laugh.

so "the queen" had one heck of a post about getting drunk & then i found "no ordinary rollercoaster" whom instigated the story telling had links to all the results. definitely good times (reading maybe not living).

anyways so all that storytelling got me thinking about my drinking days...but i couldn't just pick one story, there were so many phases. i hate to say that, makes me sound like a complete alki, but, well.....

first hs party - my cousin was a senior when i was a freshman, so he took me to my first party the first week of school. what i remember - jungle juice & seniors are a lot bigger than freshmen. i don't remember consuming any alcohol prior to this, i was 14...let the partying begin...

partying throughout hs - underage drinking (have no clue where the alcohol came from) requires tactics & secluded places. lots of parties out in the boonies & i remember dancing on haystacks, if i fell of any i blocked it out.

i do remember one time my friend was making out with her boyfriend forever & her younger sister & i were bored so i (not so keenly) decided i was going to drive her boyfriend's truck. a) my driving skills weren't all that good to start out with, b) the alcohol that i consumed would negate what little driving skills i had at the time, c) his truck was a stick, and most importantly d) it was back in the day when everyone had full covers on the back of their trucks so i had to crawl thru that little tiny window to get to the front of the cab (because exiting through the back door made too much sense).

i made it thru the window, i believe the truck was on so all i had to do was put in the clutch, put it in gear, give it some gas & let off the clutch. which was probably 3 more steps than i could handle because i just killed it, the truck lurched forward & died....oopsie.

the next day i had bruises all over my stomach & sides from crawling thru that window & i was sore for days.

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