Saturday, October 25, 2008

i should have known

grey's wasn't a re-run so did i watch it? of course i did, silly!

during one of the commercial breaks i ran to the kitchen & set up the coffee pot for the morning, then as i was thoroughly involved in grey's i heard a noise. barely that is, as the tv had my full attn. then the 2nd time, i definitely heard it so then i stared at the kitchen waiting for it. & it didn't disappoint & i realized in my haste of setting up the coffee maker, i accidently pressed the start button.

so at 9:30pm i had hot coffee (not that i drank it, i can't do caffeine at night, but i had the option); which turns into not hot coffee at 7am. i turned the coffee pot off hoping in the morning to brew whatever remained & save the day but didn't bother looking to see how much really had been brewed as i needed to get back to grey's.

so in the morning i went got my coffee, hoping the evenings events hadn't really messed things up too much.
my coffee was bad & lukewarm but i thought i'll just heat it up & add more creamer & it should be fine. wrong.
ok, i'll add more creamer. still not good.
more creamer. now all flavor of bad coffee is gone but all i taste is lukewarm creamer.
so i heat up my cup of creamer hoping the coffee & creamer will meld & be friends. nope, still crap.

after i dropped Z off at school I stopped & bought a coffee. i don't see how people are ok with spending $5 on A cup of coffee on a regular basis. it wasn't even that good.

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