Saturday, February 28, 2009

the boy was cold

Z is all about making waffles for breakfast (frozen ones, come on, he's 6).

side story: last weekend i was in the shower in the early afternoon when he came to tell me he was hungry so i told him to go get something to eat. (silly me, thinking he would go ask B to help him get some food.)
so can you guess what the boy did?
he already had 2 waffles at 7:30 in the morning when he first got up, then decided to have another round.

yup, 4 waffles in 1 day.

i'm waiting for the phone call from my mom on that one. about how i don't feed him & there's no food in the house. yup, it's coming.

SO, new house rule = no more than 2 waffles can be consumed in 1 day.

today when we (as in B & I) got up (hours after Z), Z tells us that his waffles were dark this morning.
they were dark because he toasted 2x.
he toasted them 2x because he was cold.

i asked him if 2x toasted waffles warmed him up, he said no & they didn't taste very good either.

boy's lucky we don't live in canada.

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