Tuesday, February 10, 2009

8th anniversary

i can't believe it's been 8 YEARS since we eloped. i'm not one for tradition (hence the elopment) but i just looked up traditional anniversary gifts, for year 8 it's linen or lace, no big deal. next year is leather though...something to consider...

i got up in the morning & stumbled down the hallway to the kitchen to start the coffeemaker. (yes, it has an auto-start feature but i figure this little walk is a good wake up call, so i don't fall over in the shower & break the glass doors.)
on the counter B had left purple tulips & a beautiful card for me. (that was kind of difficult to read with my eyes still closed)

at work i anxiously waited for 8, when B would arrive at work & find the flowers & balloons i had plopped on his desk the night before. he was being a butt & didn't call me until after 9, by then i figured he probably had an offsite meeting & i was pissy about the effort i had expended to get the flowers into his office.

we went out for lunch & i told him about delivering his flowers...& explained why i hadn't set everything up better the way i had planned. we didn't go out for dinner, my cold is still keeping me down. hopefully it will be gone this weekend & we can get out of town for some fun.


  1. leather is really an appropriate gift for any year...don't you agree? lol

  2. I'm sure SL would agree! heehee!


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