Tuesday, February 24, 2009

moment of truth

last week Z read "green eggs & ham" to me. he was a bit hesitant because some of the pages had a lot of words on them, but he did it! i'm not sure which of us was prouder of his accomplishment.

that's a lie.
i was.
all he cared about was if he got a treat for reading the book.

today he starts testing, the testing that 2nd trimester grades are based on. those grades will determine if we have him tested for individualized instruction. something i know the school will fight us on, but i don't want him to have to repeat 1st grade. if we do request testing i have a feeling they will drag it out & nothing will be done before the school year is over.

i believe he's on par with his peers; in jan they started spelling tests & he's scored 90s & above. last week he fell apart in class when he couldn't spell 'found, eight & February' - plenty of adults can't spell those words correctly.

when i spoke with his teacher she thinks her previous reservations about him not being ready for 2nd grade may have been wrong, but it all comes down to the testing he's doing over the next couple of days.

i hope he's a better test taker than i am.


  1. that is concerning that the teacher had such strong opinions about not being ready and now thinks she may have been wrong! wtf?

    reason #4,682 why you guys need to leave that podunk town!

    but maybe she was wrong and all is fine and this is good news! :-) (gotta put that positive spin on it at the end. lol)

  2. yes, i'm quite anxious to have podunk (or 'brown acres' as we sometimes call it) as part of our past!

    fingers crossed, dances done, prayers prayed, wished upon a star, matches lit - that he passes!

  3. i will be sending those good vibes his way! we all know he's smart enough though. that's the frustrating part i'm sure.


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