Wednesday, February 18, 2009

what's worse than spongebob?

for the record i dislike spongebob, very much.

in itself, i don't find it entertaining at all. in addition, i constantly have to tell Z "that's not acceptable, that's not right, you shouldn't do that" to make sure he realizes he shouldn't repeat what he sees, that it's all make believe.

but i discovered there's is something worse than spongebob (damn him, i'm writing a fricken spongebob post!):

having a 6 year old tell you a synopsis about spongebob....only it takes longer than the original story. something about spongebob dumpster diving. i blocked out the rest...or slept possibly.


  1. i <3 spongebob...just for the record. lol

  2. fine, next time Z wants to tell a spongebob story i'll have him call you! :-)


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