Wednesday, February 25, 2009

thanks to the blog-o-sphere

dang it, i just realized today is ash, the beginning of lent.

i'm the worst catholic.
ok, no, i'm not. there's a lot worse out there.
but that's part of it right?
the guilt!
haha, I AM a good catholic!

you know all this anti-church stuff is really messing with me & now days, they don't put 'Ash Wednesday' on regular calendars, what's a forgetful person like me supposed to do?

ugh, i had turkey for lunch.
& planned pork chops for dinner.
going to visit hades in handbasket i tell you...while picking leftover meat out from my teeth.

typically one abstains from something during lent, but i'm going to try to stick with an exercise routine -> therefore i'm giving up being a lazy ass person for lent.

no, i'm not giving up cussing.
i already do that when Z is around & as a matter of fact i'm quite impressed with myself. the other day we were outside & he hollered out "Lady!" & i asked him what she did & he told me she had put her nose in his butt.


because normally when she does that to me i yell at her "stop putting your f'ing nose up my ass!" & that's not what he said to her.

good catholic, right?

UPDATE: my SIL made a fantastic point, but i accidently deleted the comment. fyi, Lady is our dog, not some random lady putting her nose in Z's butt, or mine for that matter!

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